Company History

Brand GRAZ is well known on the market of fuel-supply technique since 1941. Refuellers by GRAZ are one of the leaders in the industry among domestic manufacturers due to reach experience in designing and production only fuel-supply technique.
1941 1941
A special-purpose vehicles plant, Prodmash, was set up in the community of Grabovo, in the Penza Region. The plant’s core purpose was manufacture of mortar components, gasoline dispenser units, refuellers’ spares and degassing machines.
1946 1946
The plant was completely destroyed by fire. After the restoration, it was called "Grabovsky mechanical" and reoriented to produce construction mechanisms, vibroplanes and vehicles for the transport of building materials.
1949 1949
The plant produced fire extinguishing machinery. Besides that, it came to make milk tanks of 1,800 liters, mounted on GAZ-51 chassis; fuel tank trucks-4 on ZiS-150 (ZIL-164) chassis, and OZ-1664 agricultural refuellers that were «GAZON»- mounted, like the milk tanks.
1960’s 1960’s
Refueller manufacture was determined the plant’s main profile. The plant, now known as «Grabovo Special Purpose Vehicles Plant», achieved a multiple output increase, making the average of six thousand vehicles and trailers annually. A 5 600 liters tank trailer 817 model found application in the Soviet Army.
2000's 2000's
The plant was renamed into "Grabovsky Automobile Plant". In 2006 were developed new models of tankers and tank semitrailers and put into production, and was launched a new line of models: bitumen trucks, oil tankers, and fuel oil trucks. The quality management system of JSC Plant GRAZ is certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001. June 28, 2007 JSC "Plant GRAZ" commissioned a new painting and drying complex. It was built with the use of advanced Italian and German technologies. They allowed to increase the production capacity of the plant, improve the appearance, durability, reliability of painting and bring the quality of the paint to the European level. Currently, the geography of supplies of specialized vehicles with the trademark "GRAZ" - all regions of Russia, CIS countries, far abroad. For many years of work in the market, the trademark "GRAZ" has acquired a good reputation in business circles, multi-profile partnerships, both in Russia and abroad. Modern technologies, qualified personnel, new methods of management and personal motivation, a well-established quality system in production, multistage control at all cycles of the technological process allow the plant to look with confidence in tomorrow. A modern sheet material processing line has been place in operation. The new equipment allows to raise the quality of the special equipment of GRAZ to a higher level. The main advantage of the new equipment is high accuracy, cleanliness of the received edge. This accelerates the assembly, eliminating the intermediate operations, and most importantly - increases the overall quality, reliability of the GRAZ technique. Moreover, the productivity of the line is such that it is possible to place orders for almost the entire range of metalworking. A number of tank lorries and tank trucks were replenished with new models on the basis of imported chassis.
2009 2009
Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, the plant was developing and acquiring new equipment - the Lucas RD 3800 machine. With its help, it becomes possible to manufacture multi-radius details of complex shape by the method of flanking. The lineup of tankers and tank trucks was enlarged with a tank lorry, based on the SCANIA chassis, a new modification of the PPC-28 extended design, a line of models of bitumen trucks of circular cross-section.
2011–2015 2011–2015
The plant continues to increase its technological capacities and implement measures to automate the production process: was purchased and launched a 4-cylinder bending machine "Faccin". It makes possible to produce the milling of the shell in automatic mode (CNC system). A number of vehicles have been replenished with a tanker trailer on the SAF axles, a semitrailer on the TONAR axles, an oil tanker of round cross section. In early 2012, unique modern equipment was put into operation: a line for welding cards and shells. The equipment allows to produce high-quality shells of any cross-section and dimensions. The line is represented by the following machines: plasma cutting portal Retro systems (USA), Oerlikon card welding stand (Germany), Dalva compressor (Germany), Scanver hydropneumatic manipulator (Finland), Ortea stabilizer (Italy), remote control beam crane (Czech Republic) .
Since 2015 to the present Since 2015 to the present
Having completed the total modernization of production areas and capacities, the plant concentrated on updating the entire range of equipment. Over the past 2 years, a huge amount of equipment has been produced that fully meets the industry's requirements and the wishes of the operators. After the total modernization of production areas and capacities, the plant concentrated on updating the entire range of equipment. Over the past 2 years, a huge amount of hardware has been produced that fully meets the industry's requirements and the wishes of the operators. In the line of low-tonnage tanker were produced models on the chassis of Lawn NEXT and KAMAZ-43253 and KAMAZ-5250. The plant has mastered a new type of cross-section for steel tank semitrailers with a cubature from 28 to 32 m³ - a case-shaped section truncated in the reverse radius, which allows to select a truck with a maximum cubic capacity for transportation of light oil products for a particular tractor. The lineup of bitumen trucks was replenished with machines with a capacity of 30 m³ of round variable section. Semitrailers of the tank GRAZ also began to be produced with round section. Today, the consumer of GRAS products has a wide choice of models of semitrailer of different cross-section: circle and "case". Among non-standard products, GRAZ introduce to the market a tank truck made of aluminum and a tank truck for collecting gas condensate and spilled oil products of medium tonnage.
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