The production technology allows to make equipment of any complexity.
The enterprise mastered tanks of such sections as: circle, ellipse and case-shaped.
Production capabilities

At the enterprise, the level of self-sufficiency of units and aggregates is 80%. Measures on unification and interchangeability of details and assembly units are constantly carried out. The technological processes are constantly making changes aimed at improving the operational properties and improving the quality of the products.
Production workshops
Production workshops
Machinery in production lines
Stage of production
Production workshops
1. Procurement and welding shop
Manufacturing of parts, units and tanks.
2. Assembly shop
Assembly and welding of semi-trailer tanks, assembly of vehicles on chassis, completing.
3. The workshop of aircraft refuellers production
Assembly and welding of aircraft refuellers
4. Painting and drying complex
Preparation and coloring of products.
5. Primer chamber
Priming of parts
6. Center for verification and calibration of tankers
Determination of the actual capacity and checking the tank for leaks.
7. Assembly area
Picking the product.
8. Repair and tool shop
Production of equipment.
Machinery in production lines
Laser cutting complex
allows to carry out on 10% more operative cutting of sheet (cutting of details and preparations from a metal sheet, machining) with accuracy of hit in the size to 10³mm. This allows to produce parts exactly in size, eliminates gaps and edge of the sheet does not need additional processing.
Turret punch press
is designed for coordinate punching of sheet metal, rolling of stiffeners, pushing (squeezing ou). This type of equipment is used for the manufacture of parts such as service platform, the body parts of technological boxes, parts with rolled ribs and other parts with thickness up to 6.4 mm.
Bending press

it is used for automated sheet metal bending.

This type of equipment is used for manufacturing of parts such as rear supports, intermediate supports, parts of the front support, ecological box, the side of the fillers, supports, bumpers, rigid corners, name plates, as well as all kinds of brackets and parts made of sheet metal and having a place of bending.

Guillotine shears

provide high performance and precision cutting of a wide range of materials with different tensile strength, the maximum thickness of the sheet used is up to 16 mm.

This type of equipment is used for manufacturing of blanks and parts with direct cutting, such as side grooves, insert conical shell, billet and stiffeners.

Center for verification and calibration of tanks
Determination of the actual capacity and checking the tank for leaks.
Stage of production

 Metal cutting on plasma and laser cutting machines into blanks with their subsequent transfer to welding production. (Welding shop - LVD ORION laser, HORNET XD thermal cutting machine)

Rolling of shells a tank on 4-wheel rolls FACCIN. (Procurement and welding shop)

Tank’s welding. (Procurement and welding shop)

Welding and assembly operations: semi-automatic welding of low carbon steels in carbon dioxide environment (Procurement and welding shop)

Assembly-welding of parts and components of tanks (supports, fillers, fenders, etc.). (Procurement and welding shop)

Manufacturing of load-bearing frame, subframes, cradles, using the complex laser cutting, sheet bending press (cutting, assembling, welding). (Procurement and welding shop)
Installation of bridges and suspensions. (Assembly shop)
Assembling communications, selection of tanks, installation of stairs, railings. (Assembly shop
Installation of the power plant (hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, pumping unit, tractor hydraulic). (Assembly shop)

Production of parts and assembly units necessary to ensure the subassembly of the tank, the installation of electrical and pneumatic equipment, installation of controls. (Assembly shop)

Installation of exterior elements. (Picking shop)


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