A configuration adequately matched ensures smooth and safe operation of the vehicle units.

Breather valves produced by Russian producers regulate pressure in the tank protecting it against dust, dirt and sand ingress.

Aluminium filler caps,by Russian producers have a user-friendly lock, anti-corrosion properties and reduced weight, which improves their operability.

Quick disconnect couplings produced by foreign producers enable easy and quick connection of hoses and preventing leakage.

Pressure-suction hoses by foreign producers are with enhanced wear resistance, reliability and ergonomics.

Plastic cases for the pressure-suction hoses assure damage protection, easy to use, non-corrosive and reducing the tank’s weight.

Balanced bottom valves by foreign producers have high throughput capacity and reliability.

Ball valves, stop valves very durable and easy to use.

Russian-made pumps SCL-01A, VSN-80, SCL-20/24 reduce the fuel unloading time, providing possibility to load and pump separately.

Pump rpm l/min
SCL-01A 1 600 350
VSN-80A 1 450 500
SCL-20-24 1 450 750

Technological box (for all semi-trailers) protects discharge-filling equipment against hostile operational conditions.

Trailer Electronic Braking System TEBS (foe semi-trailers, bitumen, oil and mazut tank trucks on BPW or SAF axels) increases stability, keeps history of operational data such as working hours, loads, braking statistics etc.

Bottom valves pneumatic control unit produced by foreign producers ensures good operability, combining all controls at one place.

Aluminium perforated-sheet platform (for all types of semi-trailers) avoids sliding, ensures maximum safety for the operator, reducing the tank’s weight, non-corrosive.

Fuel dispenser - discharge hose with А-50М nozzle, PPO-40-0.6 meter (for refuellers) are used for vehicles fuelling

Painting GRAZ vehicles with Prospectrum Coating BVBA (Belgium) (for all semi-trailers). GRAZ Products are painted in several steps in the new coating and drying shop. It enables reliability and durability of the coating and excellent exterior.

Ecological case prevents spillage of oil products, diverting them to a drain tank, thus keeping the tank truck’s exterior clean and increasing safety. All this is in strict correspondence to the ecological standards

The systems of lower loading and recuperation (steam return) of foreign manufacture (Civacon, Sening, Niehuser) provide safety at the level of European standards, increase speed and improve the convenience of tank maintenance.

Pumps of foreign production (Sening, Alfons Haar, SAMPI) have increased productivity. Reduce the time of draining the tank, which is important for large volumes of traffic.

Pump    Trade mark rpm l/min
RVP25 SAMPI 780 600
DELTA2-HY-1000 Sening 1000 1000
FPOG Alfons Haar 1700 940

Various schemes of communication: separate drainage, draining through a common collector, draining on both sides, non-standard arrangement of detachable connections.

Disc brakes increase the efficiency of braking and cooling, simplify maintenance.

Virtually all components are designed to work in a wide range of climatic zones at temperatures from -40 to +50 ° C.

Added to comparison: Топливозаправщик АТЗ 36135-0000011