GRAZ products

The range of products counts over 250 items, including tank trucks, refuellers, tank trailers, tank semi- trailers, bitumen tank trucks, mazut tank trucks, oil tank trucks, aircraft refuellers, and vacuum trucks.
from 4,9 to 20 m³
This kind of equipment is particularly necessary in the maintenance of filling stations, petroleum storage depots and industrial enterprises.
Tank trucks
from 4,9 to 20 m³
Tank trucks by GRAZ is an advantageous opportunity to get at your disposal a convenient large tank for transportation of light oil products.
Tank trailers
from 8,5 to 15 m³
Convenient standalone capacity is based on chassis NEFAZ, BPW, MAZ. It is used for transportation all types of light oil products with a density up to 0.86 t/m³.
Steel Tank Semitrailers
from 24 to 40 m³
This type of tank Semitrailers is actively used in large industrial and construction areas, petrol stations, oil products storage bases and modern airfields.
Aluminium Tank Semitrailers
from 24 to 38 m³
They are characterized by a smaller curb weight, the big volume of the transported priduct, corrosion resistance and long service life.
Tank Semitrailers for dark oil products
from 24 to 33 m³
Bitumen trucks are designed for transportation and short-term storage of dark oil products and service water with a density of 0,9 t/m³
The focus of our attention is the quality of the vehicles, their reliability and safety. Therefore GRAZ vehicles have enhanced operational characteristics like strength, maneuverability and ergonomics. All these are achieved through unique design solutions, introduction of new materials and technologies, and careful selection of components
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All GRAZ vehicles are in full compliance with the Russian GOST R50913-96 standards and the requirements of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).
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The GRAZ quality management system was certified as complying with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 by certification body “Russian register”.
The wide range of products and high quality bring us in a position to make high-performance vehicles available for your business.
We carry a good choice due to:
• capacities ranging widely from 4,9 to 40 m³;
• variety of components produced by well-known foreign companies;
• variable tank’s capacity and number of compartments.
• tanks mounted on any type of foreign and Russian-made chassis;
• variety of tanks materials (from various steel grades to aluminium alloys);
• сircular, oval and сase-shaped cross section.
Aircraft refuellers
The range and advantages of the GRAZ air refuellers can be found on a separate website

GRAZ is also one of the biggest Russian producers of aircraft refuellers.

Aircraft refuellers by GRAZ are one of the leaders in the industry among domestic manufacturers due to reach experience in designing and production only fuel-supply technique.

The range and advantages of the GRAZ air refuellers can be found on a separate website

Added to comparison: Топливозаправщик АТЗ 36135-0000011