Easy solution
The qualitatively improved design of the tank semi-trailer allows to solve a global shipping company’s problem of free passing of weight control while transportation of oil products, and to improve operational properties of equipment.
Attention to detail
A low center of gravity in steel tank semitrailers with a case shaped cross section ensures high maneuverability. A low height in such models reduces aerodynamic drag, which have a positive impact on the efficiency of delivery.
Axels by European producers SAF and BPW
Axels by European producers SAF and BPW
ensure smooth running. One or two lifting axles can be installed to save the rubber.
Operation with any tractor
Operation with any tractor
Tanks of circular cross-section can be made both permanent (for tractors with a low fifth wheel hitch) and variable (for tractors with a high fifth wheel hitch) sections.
Semitrailer-tank under any conditions
Semitrailer-tank under any conditions
The thickness of the thermal insulation is selected for specific operating conditions. So it is possible to reduce the curb weight of the tank in the case the transported product does not need high temperature preservation.
24–40 m³
Case-shaped, ellipse or
The number of compartments
Tanks material
Steel 09G2S
pneumatic or spring, one-run or gable
Models of tank semitrailers
Configuration of tank semitrailers
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