Wide opportunities
A wide range of GRAZ refuellers allows to choose the model that is necessary for specific operating conditions. There are both small and nimble models for urban conditions, and all-wheel drive cars for work in off-road conditions in the line of vehicles.
Attention to details
GRAZ refuellers are designed for transportation of light oil products with a density of 0.86 t/m³, as well as for independent refueling of equipment. This kind of equipment is particularly necessary in the maintenance of filling stations, petroleum storage depots and industrial enterprises.
From stainless steel or foreign aluminum alloy.
From stainless steel or foreign aluminum alloy.
The use of aluminum alloy allows to reduce the weight of the tank, which means — to carry more cargo, as well as to ensure the purity of the transported fuel at a high level.
Easy to maintain
Easy to maintain
Due to standardized design and easy access to fasteners, most units, including the fuel line, can be quickly replaced with new ones.
Maximum possible service life
Maximum possible service life
The most important components (such as the fuel delivery unit, the control unit of the valve) are hidden in special technological boxes.
4,9–20 m³
Case-shaped and ellipse
The number of compartments
Tanks material
Stainless steel 09G2S, aluminium alloy
Wheel arrangement
4×2, 6×4, 6×6
Configuration of refuellers
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