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PPC 91375-0000010 (3-axle tractor)

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31 м³
Case shaped of variable cross-section with truncated front
The model semitrailer-tank PPTS-91375-0000010 corresponds to the requirements to the weight parameters of vehicles of the Technical Regulation on the safety of wheeled vehicles. It is intended for transportation and short-term storage of light oil products with a density of not more than 0.86 t / m3 and is a measure of the total capacity. The tank casing is a case-shaped of variable section, truncated at the inverse radius in the front part of the tank, with reinforcement ribs of flat-bent shape that increase the reliability of the whole tank construction and prevent the occurrence of hydraulic shocks.
Tank material Steel 09G2S
Dencity of the product 0,86 t / m³
Gross weight 7 450
Fifth wheel hitch 12 050
Axles 21 900
Curb weight 33 950
Tank material
Steel 09G2S
Dencity of the product
0,86 t / m³
Gross weight
7 450
Fifth wheel hitch
12 050
21 900
Curb weight
33 950
Overall dimensions, mm

3 440

2 550

10 725

Standard equipment:
Aluminum caps of necks (Russia)
Breathing valve for each compartment Prompribor (Russia)
Environmental box to prevent cross-strait product
Aluminum service platform from a sliced sheet
Balanced bottom valves Sening (Germany)
The control unit for bottom valves Sening (Germany)
Ball Valves
Quick-release couplings Elaflex (Germany)
Suction and pressure suction sleeves Gassoflex (Spain)
Plastic cases for pressure-suction hoses
Fire extinguisher
Plastic container for fire extinguisher
Plastic wheel chocks
Painting with imported coatings Prospectrum Coating BVBA (Belgium)
Drum brakes with TEBS system
Additional equipment:
Vapor Recovery and Lower Loading System - Niehuser, Civacon, Sening
Aluminum Caps Cover
Bottom valve Alfons Haar, Civacon, Niehuser (Germany)
Kamlok quick release couplings
Suction and pressure hoses Elaflex (Germany)
Pumps SCL-00, 1CVN-80A, SCL-20/24, Atris, Sening, Alfons Haar, SAMPI
Pistol A-50M, counter PPO-40-0,6, dispensing sleeve
Disc brakes with ABS
Dynamic control of the base
Lifting front axle
Imported rubber
Production of a tank of stainless steel 12H18N10T, AMG5M.
Coloring with imported enamels Dupont, Sikkens, domestic paintwork "Yaroslavl paints, applying color schemes on the color map
Other Steel Tank Semitrailers
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GRAZ plant is one of the few enterprises in the country where made vehicles for any of clients requirements.
Wide options for the tank configuration:
— change of cargo volume;
— change the number of compartments;
— case-shaped or round section;
— imported or domestic components;
— an additional calibration ruler;
— lower or upper tank’s filling;
— with or without recuperation;
— solid or one-sided box;
— draining to either side;
— presence or absence of tank’s additional booster amplifiers.
You can leave a request, specifying all the parameters you are interested in, and we will calculate the exact configuration that suits you
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