Warranty Terms

Full information about warranty terms to the vehicle you’ve bought you can find in your supply contract.
The producer guarantees proper operation of GRAZ vehicle in terms of a superstructure and a paint coating of a tank in 12 months, (provided that operating time is not more than 100 000 km).

The guarantee period begins from the moment of a shipment from a plant’s warehouse to a client.
Warranty terms for road special equipment (PPC, PPCA, AC, ATZ, PC) produced by JSC Plant GRAZ "

1.1. Warranty conditions for road machinery
1.1.1. The producer factory guarantees the proper operation of the special machinery shipped to buyers after 01.10.15, in the part of the special installation, within 12 months in the part of the paintwork, of special equipment or 100,000 kilometers of mileage (which will come earlier) outside the Russian Federation from the moment of shipment from the manufacturer's warehouse to the BUYER. The authorized representative of the BUYER understands the moment of shipment as the moment of signing the act of acceptance-transfer of special vehicles

For special equipment shipped to customers before 01.10.15 the warranty obligations in effect at the time of shipment are applied.
As Special installation should be understood:

- tank with breakwaters, front and rear bottoms, intersectional partitions, fillers, eco-box, technological box, supports, crossbars, bumper.

- communication pipes with welded flanges;
- pivot plate, without pivot;
- pneumatics - from the connecting pipe installed in the receiver of the brake system, except the brake system and the air suspension system;
- electrician (only for semitrailer) - from sockets installed on the front of the tank;
- paint coating - applied to the tank, communication pipes.

The producer factory warranty for 12 months applies to:
- tank and communications – leak tightness;
- pivot plate - no deformation of the plate, with the exception of deformations caused by mechanical damage;
- pneumatics - leak tightness, except for mechanical damages;

- electrician - the electrical equipment is in good working order, except for mechanical damages and installation of non-standard equipment.

1.1.2. Warranty obligations for the basic chassis (KAMAZ, MAZ, GAZ, URAL, VOLVO, MAN, Mercedes, FORD, Scania, HYUNDAI, BPW, SAF, etc.) and component parts (JSC Prompribor, LLC COM, JSC ENA Etc.) that are part of the special installation are provided by the producer factory of these products, in accordance with the accompanying documentation attached to the special equipment (on the chassis - in the service book, on the component parts - in the passports).

The chassis used to install the special installation of the production of JSC "Plant GRAZ" must be supplied for warranty registration in the official service center (KAMAZ, MAZ, GAZ, URAL, VOLVO, MAN, Mercedes, FORD, Scania, HYUNDAI, BPW, SAF, etc. ). Warranties on the chassis used for tuning JSC "Plant GRAZ", bears the producer factory of this chassis.

Warranty obligations and terms of the guarantee for component parts in the special installation, sets the producer factory of the corresponding component product (indicated in the certificates for the component parts).

1.1.3. The boundaries of the warranty obligations of JSC "Plant GRAZ" and the manufacturer of the base chassis:
Tank trucks, refullers, vacuum machines on the chassis of the CIS production and imported chassis:

- Communications and cistern - Guarantees of JSC "Plant GRAZ".

- Flashing beacon - producer factory's warranty.

- Chassis (including engine, gearbox, electrician, pneumatics (except for pneumatic control of bottom valves)) - warranties of the manufacturer of the basic chassis.

- Chassis with hydraulic system (engine, gearbox, power takeoff, gear pump (hydraulic motor), oil tank, high pressure sleeves) - warranty obligations of the enterprise that carried out the hydrofication of the chassis

- Semitrailer with a tractor produced by the CIS or an imported tractor, on the axes of production of the Russian Federation or import:

- Semitrailer-cistern (including pivot plate) - warranties of JSC "Plant GRAZ".
- Tractor (up to fifth wheel coupling) - warranty obligations of the producer factory of the basic chassis.

- Hydrophilization system - the guarantee obligations of the enterprise that carried out the hydraulicization of the tractor.

- Axles - the warranty obligations for the units are carried out by the producer factory of the axles.

- Brake system - the warranty obligations on the unit are carried out by the producer factory.

- Installation of axles to the tank - installation of energy storage - warranty obligations of JSC "Plant GRAZ".

- Pneumatics special installation (from the fitting installed in the receiver of the brake system) - warranty obligations of JSC "Plant GRAZ".

- The electrics for special installation (from the outlets installed on the front of the tank) - the warranty obligations of JSC "Plant GRAZ".

Trailers-tanks on axes of the Russian Federation  production or import:

- Chassis (axles) - warranty obligations are carried out by the producer factory of the chassis (axles)

- Tank, communications - warranty obligations of JSC "Plant GRAZ".

- Ball valves - producer factory's warranty.
- Pneumatics (from the fitting installed in the receiver of the brake system) - warranty obligations of JSC "Plant GRAZ".

1.1.4. After receiving special equipment BUYER, within a month, is obliged to put it on the guarantee account in the nearest authorized service centers:

a) the producer factory of the base chassis (the address of the service centers of the base chassis is indicated in the service book on the chassis);

b) the producer factory of the special installation (the addresses of the service centers are indicated in the service book for the special installation, and also on the website https://en.graz.ru/ in the section "SERVICE AND WARRANTY").

In the absence of more than 300 km from any of the service centers of the producer factory  of the special installation and / or the producer factory of the base chassis, the BUYER must notify the manufacturer in writing, make a reconciliation and obtain the producer factory 's permission for maintenance and further operation of the GOODS in the manner and under the conditions specified in service books, operating manuals, passports for the relevant specialty docks, basic chassis and component parts.

In this case, the warranty obligations of ZAO "Plant GRAZ" for special equipment are preserved subject to meeting all requirements.

1.1.5. The BUYER is entitled to warranty repair under the following conditions:

- Compliance with the regulations for the operation of special equipment, chassis and components specified in the manuals, service books and other accompanying documents;

- the timely establishment of special superstructure and chassis for warranty records, timely maintenance of all types of maintenance of the base chassis and special equipment, which the service centers make appropriate notes in the service books.

Attention! If the Buyer does not present the service book on the base chassis, axles and special equipment, or if there are no marks in the service booklet on the registration for warranty registration and notes on scheduled maintenance, the producer factory's warranty obligations become invalid.

- timely fulfillment of the requirements of producer factory for the operation of special equipment, chassis and components;

- the use of fuel, lubricants, special liquids, parts and assemblies recommended by producer factory of special equipment, chassis and components;

- the use of special equipment for its intended use, in accordance with the enclosed OTTC and the absence of any design changes introduced without the producer factory's permission;
- provided that the sealing of the units and assemblies is preserved;

- Absence of facts unauthorized, or by the forces of an unauthorized service center, disassembly or repair of units and assemblies.
- the operation of the warranty period for items replaced under warranty, until the end of the warranty period for the replaced product, subject to the safety of the product passport.
1.1.6. The warranty does not cover the following cases and supplies **:

- in case of exceeding the carrying capacity;

- in the case of disassembly, repair of units and assemblies, welding of special installations without the permission of the manufacturer and the preliminary steaming of the tank;

- in case of installation of non-standard equipment that is inconsistent with the producer factory or making modifications that violate the terms of the specification and other normative documents;

- in case of detection of foreign objects (not being part of the special facility), incl. ice, in the internal cavities of components and cistern;

- in case of absence of marks in service books, indicating the timely conduct of all types of maintenance;

- in case of any mechanical damage to special equipment;

- in case of damage caused by natural disasters of any kind or accidents;

- in case of failure to perform scheduled maintenance operations;

- for operations conducted during maintenance;

- for indirect expenses, namely: payment of telephone calls, lost time, lost profit, transportation costs to the nearest service center;

- in case of natural wear of tires, kingpin, pivot plate, service platform, ladder, rubber seals;

- in the case of defects that indicate a violation of the operating conditions of special equipment (exceeding speed limits, operating in inappropriate road conditions, transporting the product in an incompletely filled tank, transporting the product not corresponding to the implementation of the tank, not matching the height of the fifth wheel coupling of the tractor to the height of the front support of the semitrailer Tanks, operation of special equipment without spray wings);


It is not allowed to make any modifications, including drilling, welding, milling operations without coordination with JSC "Plant GRAZ". JSC "Plant GRAZ" is not liable for damages that may arise for this reason.

1.1.7. If a malfunction of the special equipment, chassis, components is found, the BUYER, without analyzing the unit, is obliged within 3 working days to apply to the appropriate service center, which is on the guarantee account, in accordance with clause 1.3 of this section, or directly to the manufacturer special fitting, chassis, component parts. Appeal must be made in writing, indicating full description of the defect, possible reasons for its occurrence, with the obligatory attachment of the following documents:

- a copy of the technical passport for special vehicles (all pages);

- a copy of the service books of the superstructure, the chassis / axles of the semitrailer (all pages);

- photos of special vehicles (general view, faulty node, VIN-code).

- TEBS-E readings from the Wabco on-board computer (data on axle loads and speed conditions when operating special vehicles, etc.).

The warranty for purchased components is distributed as part of the warranty of the component producer factory.

1.1.8. The warranty on paintwork and the absence of corrosion is applicable if damage is reported within three working days to the guarantee department of JSC Plant GRAZ for their elimination.

The warranty for paintwork is not applicable in the following cases:

- rust and corrosion formed on elements that are damaged or painted after an accident;

- scratches, dents and chips caused by any external influences, rust and corrosion developing in damaged areas;

- damage, rust and corrosion arising from chemical reactions that are caused by external factors (oil products, road salt, industrial sediments, etc.);

- repainting of special superstructure for any reason without agreement with JSC "Plant GRAZ";

- paintwork damage due to the introduction of uncoordinated changes in the design;

- paintwork damage in technological boxes and ecological boxes arising during the transportation of material values not fixed in regular places.

1.1.9. The buyer has the right to eliminate the defect with his own forces only with the written permission of the manufacturer, while the costs of eliminating the defect are compensated, provided that the recommendations of the manufacturer and within the limits specified in the written permission are met.

1.1.10. In the event of a breach by the BUYER of the conditions of clauses 1.1.3.-1.1.8, the malfunctioning of special machinery is carried out at the expense of the BUYER, in full.

* These warranty conditions do not apply to air refullers.

** List of consumables not subject to replacement under warranty:

1. Rubber products:

- gaskets of flange connections;

- pad of tank supports;

- V-belts;

- mud flaps;

- hydraulic hoses;

- pressure-suction hoses

- distributing hoses

- air springs;

- quick release couplings.

2.Plastic products:

- Wings;

- Cases for sleeves;

- Cases for fire extinguishers;

- pneumatic tubes;

- drawer handles;

- a box for sand;

- brake shoes.

3. Dimensional lights, incandescent lamps.

4. Information signs, stickers on the tank.


6. Pneumatic cylinders.

7. Shut-off locks.

8. Grounding screw.

9. Quick-detachable connections.

10. Sight glass mouths.

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